Merry XMAS and happy unmuted new year

Merry XMAS and happy unmuted new year

2021, it's time to unmute new experiences

Yes, 2020 is ending soon and we have to celebrate it. Happy Holidays to all! To all of you who have adapted to this new way of working. To all of you who have learned to juggle to reconcile your personal and professional life. To all those who, unfortunately, the Covid has supposed to lose a loved one (we send a big hug). Happy holidays also to all the heroes who work tirelessly to prevent, control and end Covid19. And happy holidays, especially, to those who no longer need to say that you are on mute. You have all made this world a little bit better. Thank you!

We start the year with a small tribute to the most used phrase this 2020: “You’re on mute”. We do it because it is one of those tiny things that end up being part of our culture. There are more, but in companies that have worked 100% remotely, there is no other that is constantly repeated in each remote meeting or workshop. Allow us to do it in a humorous way. We need it more than ever.

The entire Fail Fast team wishes you a merry XMAS and happy unmuted new year. We wish you to remove the mute to everything that we have not been able to do this year. Hugging, kissing, touching … A dinner with 20 guests, a toast with 10 strangers. An intense year awaits us. It will not be easy. But we are convinced that this 2021 we will overcome COVID and very soon we will unmute old and new experiences.

Merry Christmas. Don’t forget the mute

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