Meet the most Famous Interactions

Meet the most Famous Interactions

Discover new UX gestures

This March we’ll turn 2 years old and we thought: hey, why don’t we have  a laugh to celebrate it?

Mixing our freak touch and design skills we created the “Famous Interactions”, a series of memes that mix creativity and humor to pay tribute to the world of design. These gifs with a humorous wink unite famous people and the gestures we make on the screens.

Do some of these words sound familiar to you: scroll, swipe, tap, pinch? Now, imagine celebrities like Brad Pitt, Nicholas Cage, Patrick Swiyze or Taylor Swift representing these interactions in a funny way. Sounds good right?

Do a “Diana Scroll” down to discover all Famous Interactions👇

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Drag Pitt

Pan Affleck

Patrick Swipe

Spread Sheeran

Tap Spencer

Taylor Switch

Diana Scroll

David Pinch

Nicolas Shake

Which is your favourite Famous Interaction?

Aren’t they so cool?

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Imagine your own mix of celebrity and interaction. What name do you come up with? Maybe Britney Spread or Click Eastwood? Let your imagination fly and tell us!

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Did you really fall in love with them?

No worries, you can download them here. Feel free to share them with your Whastsapp groups or with the rest of the world.

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