Design Thinking to build better IOT Products

Design Thinking to build better IOT Products

UI & beautiful data to think outside the electric box

Wibeee evolves people relationship with energy consumption. We turn complex information into a user-friendly interface. Wibeee’s app design transforms abstract energy data into a useful and intuitive user experience.┬áIn order to align the IOT product with user needs, we analyse the people consumption habits. Through qualitative user research, we understood the problems of the users and how we could improve their experience with the IOT product. The qualitative research assured us that we designed an app with the features that users requested. No matter the energy consumed, the user age or their technological knowledge.

We worked side by side with Wibeee team to understand the energy information and design a clear visual system. That is how we got an IOT product adapted to any user in any context.





User Research
Design Thinking
UI Design




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