Wild Workshops: Boost your innovation

Wild Workshops

Wild Workshops: Boost your innovation

Unique places to come up with unique solutions

Fail Fast’s Wild Workshops are extreme Desing Thinking workshops that take place in unexpected places to make you think outside the box.

An inmersive team-building experience to help you:

  • Innovate your products and services
  • Create new paths that connect with your market
  • Explore new opportunities in greater depth
  • Solve sticky and complex problems
  • Reset your team mindset



Pure Adrenaline.
Feed your brain with a shoot of fun and adrenaline to create new and exciting connections. This wild workshop will take you to a Theme Park to boost your teams creativity and foster new ways of thinking.




Ancestral connections.
Disconnect to connect. Mute the city noises, turn off the distractions, and breathe. This workshop will take you to castles and nature spots to make your teams think differently.




Hidden spots.
Art, design, architecture… Start a journey to boost your teams’ creativity while discovering the Barcelona’s best secret spots. Get inspired by one of the most wonderful Mediterranean cities.




Personalize your Workshop.
A lighthouse, an abandoned factory, under the sea…Tell us about your goals and budget and we will create a tailored workshop that fits your needs in a unique location.


Wild Workshohps

Wild Workshohps

Why a Wild Workshop?

New challenges require new perspectives, new questions to be made. From CEO to trainee, we help company teams to think outside the box by taking them to new and unexplored places. Unleash the power of the Wild Workshops to:

Break inertia

Get out of the short term, defuse biases, and move to a new place to think differently.

Team up

Create connections within the team while enjoying a memorable experience.

Explore the limits of creativity

Encourage divergence, rapid prototyping, role-playing.


Get the ideas down before you go

Fast value delivery and outcomes by the end of the journey.

Wild companies

We have been helping companies to boost their team’s creativity for years. Meet some of the brave companies that have been in the wild side.





Ask for your Wild Workshop

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