We don't need great ideas. Just fast prototypes.

We don't need great ideas. Just fast prototypes.

We accelerate innovation in your company without fear of failure

How many times have you made innovation happen in your business? The day-to-day management of your company turns innovation into a process far from your goals. Surely you have lived it several times if you work in a large company. The design of an innovative experience that expires in a folder of ideas. But there is something worse than expired ideas: the design of products and services that fail in the market. It’s an awful situation because it does not just mean an expense for your company.

It also affects the reputation and positioning of your brand. In Fail Fast we assume the risk of crashing ideas for you. In a safe space before launching. We are an experience design studio that provides value through design. We accelerate innovation in your company without fear of failure.

Rapid Prototyping is a method to create a prototype of a digital product or service and test it in a real environment in an agile way. In Fail Fast we use it in creative processes. This is how we accelerate the clients’ time-to-market in a digital economy where everything goes very fast. Where everything rushes. Why should you try rapid prototyping in your company? It is a solution that speeds up your decision making and always saves you money. 

If the idea is unsuccessful, rapid prototyping prevents it from failing in the market. If the idea is valid, you will have a unique experience prepared to design and launch to the market before your competition.

We build strong synergies with customers to deliver value faster

People are specialists of their own experiences and as many points of view we get, we generate greater empathy with them. Because innovation in Fail Fast is not just an end. It is method, it is process, it is attitude. And we provoke it in all the brands which we work with. Therefore, through co-design we strengthen the relationship between Fail Fast team and the users. If we design for them, why are we going to leave them out of the design of experiences? Co-creation brings us closer to the reality: people are creative by nature. Thanks to co-creations, we connect with the customer’s reality.

At Fail Fast we accelerate innovation synergies with customers to offer them value in the service or product design. We create business opportunities together and discover unexpected experiences that we would never thought without them. It is our vitamin to design value in a shared way.

KPIs give us meaningful data to design with value

Is it necessary to measure the impact of innovation? In Fail Fast, yes. We use KPI (Key Performance Indicators) aligned with your business objectives to measure the success of a digital product in all its evolutionary phases. As designers and product thinkers, we are responsible of products and services we create. At Fail Fast, we feel privileged to innovate in business and generate value. To learn and relearn. To offer value in an agile way. We design with passion but combine it with metrics to make the right decisions in a digital product or service. We also work internally with OKRs to keep the the team on fire.

The KPIs change in each project but always have an influence on Fail Fast processes. Thanks to KPI’s, we prioritise, design and build functionalities or products. Because instead of leaving experience to chance of superficial ideas, the KPIs give us meaningful data to design with value. We get more simplified products to accelerate your business innovation and generate long-term impact among your users.

Measuring success (and failure) with KPI’s not only impacts users, but also brings a very significant outcome to the team: go beyond the project’s impact itself and inspire them to generate ideas with greater meaning.

We are a family of passionate creatives who have a great time together

We could talk about the multidisciplinary team of Fail Fast from a ‘maker’ point of view. We are talented people who provoke innovation with their creative abilities. But Fail Fast is much more than a team. We are a family of passionate creatives who have a great time together. This is how we work and transmit it to our partners to provide them with the same values and knowledge.

These are the skills you will find at Fail Fast. People who complement you to create a strong community around you.

– Product Ownership & Management
– Service Design
– Product Design
– Experience Design
– User Interface Design (UI)
– User Research
– User Testing
– Usability 

- Interaction Design
– Art Direction
– Motion Design
– Experiential Marketing
– 3D & XR Design
– Data Science
– Growth Hacking
– Advertising
– Brand Development
– Content Design
– Full-stack Engineering
– Frontend Development