We design huge experiences for products, services and brands

We design huge experiences for products, services and brands

Design drives innovation in a faster way

At Fail Fast, design is not just a decoration. It is a strategic tool to provoke and accelerate innovation in companies, products, and services. Thanks to design, we create attractive products to meet specific user needs. Design thinking turns us into problem-solvers for people and businesses. It differentiates us from others and places us in a privileged starting point to launch products to market before your competitors.

From a design thinking perspective, we identify new opportunities and launch innovation strategies. We facilitate design thinking workshops with key stakeholders to turn ideas into reality. This vision is essential to redefine processes. To relearn what we learned.


Know your customers with user research

Research is the prelude of products. User Research means knowing your users: knowing what they are looking for, what they like and how they behave. Understanding all aspects of our users provides valuable information to design personalised experiences around a brand or service. To create products with value and meaning for people, with a long lifespan. UX Research is fundamental at Fail Fast to design products and services with value. We obtain relevant data through quantitative and qualitative analysis and turn questions into meaningful experiences.

Users are not always what they appear to be. Without user research, we assume prejudices about their wishes and behaviors. Assuming the action of users before asking them is often fatal when designing products and services, and can result in major losses.  This is why a multi-stakeholder approach to design is crucial to anticipating user needs. Our partners are just as important in developing user-centered products, because who knows the customer better than the service providers themselves?

Visual Design is not about making things look pretty

Aesthetics define the user experience from start to finish. As visual designers, we improve the user experience with elements that range from illustrations or typography to the use of spaces, layouts or colours. We also look at fundamental design principles such as space, hierarchy, balance or scale.

As an evolution of graphic design and user interface design (UI), visual design focuses on aesthetics and strategic visions of the product. This does not mean filling gaps. We believe ‘less is more’ allows the user to clearly understand the product or service. 

Service Design to accelerate your time-to-market

Before starting: Service Design is not UX. Service Design goes beyond aesthetics or specific user needs. At Fail Fast, Service Design involves all the people related to a product or service and covers the whole user journey. The complete experience with a product or service. From the first impact to the last point of contact with him.

In Service Design, people who create and use the service are the only ones that really matter. Also, people who indirectly know the service and who are part of the product or service. 

Thanks to Service Design, you generate awareness around your company or brand and detect problems before going out to the market. From a brand loyalty point of view, service design generates new conversations around the product or service and builds lasting relationships between customers who are part of the process.

Get value before your competitors with product design

Product Design is a process that allows us to design experiences. Since we only identify a business opportunity after we find a solution and validate it with users. It does not only mean designing an attractive web or app, it means designing for people. Designing with courage and empathy. 

In Fail Fast, Product Design means defining the vision of a digital product, its strategy, and the design process for an agile time-to-market. Therefore, we involve all profiles in this process: from marketing to developers. Design has become a ‘must’ to innovate, create memorable experiences and ensure companies make their impact before the competition.

Explore unexpected places with UX Design for IoT products

Experience Design for IoT products is unknown territory. As explorers, we are passionate about discovering it. A new reality where the user no longer interacts with a screen, but with devices, spaces, voices and other changing contexts that coexist in the same experience. From the driver’s movement while driving, to the doctor’s precision while operating a patient or a child’s voice speaking to a voice assistant. Designing IoT experiences is designing experiences to a higher level. At Fail Fast, we use agile methodologies and Experience Design to offer innovative and natural customer experiences. It is the formula to be relevant before entering the market. 

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