Radical research to engage customers and disrupt markets

Radical research to engage customers and disrupt markets

Do you know who the users really are?

Users almost always know what they want but rarely know how to describe it. Because they don’t realy know themselves. In Fail Fast we ask good questions to have good answers. Our mission is to better knowing and understanding the users. We make it to get the key insights that push innovation. We give voice to users to know their behaviors, their emotions. To get everything we couldn’t anticipate without them. To know their problems and obtain the necessary information to innovate in your brand, product or services.

Discover users’ huge enigma with fail fast research services

A very clear example: Henry Ford, considered one of the innovation geniuses is credited with this quote “if I had asked what the people wanted, they would have told me faster horses”. We don’t know if he said that, but in Fail Fast we don’t agree with him. If Henry Ford had asked the users what they wanted, they would have answered “a faster way to move” or “faster transport”. They would hardly have answered “a combustion engine”. In Fail Fast we don’t have any famous quote yet but we always align the user needs with your business goals. Both are essential in making decisions and designing your customer experiences.

Fail Fast UX Research services adapt to each project nature. This does not mean that we design for for technology or business strategists. We design what users of a digital product or service need. To investigate the users, in Fail Fast we differentiate between User Research and Usability Test. In User Research we know and empathize with users, while Usability Testing evaluates the ease and understanding of a product or service.

Fail Fast Usability Testing services: Lab test, usability test, think out loud, Guerrilla Test, Retrospective, remote usability test, eye tracking, clicktesting, timeout testing.

Fail Fast User Research services: User interviews, field studies, focus group, card sorting, benchmarking, personas, customer Journey.

Rethink your customer experience with Service Design Workshops

In Fail Fast we set up service design workshops. Practical exercises adapted to your needs to transform from a functionality to your company’s culture. Always with a user-centered mentality for new opportunities. And always, with a happy ending.

Fail Fast service design workshops involve all departments and business areas to better understand the users journey and build memorable experiences. Fail Fast service design workshops are the most effective way to meet your needs and those of your clients.

Know your audience with market research reports and industry analysis

Did you know that a good market research can mark innovation success or failure? Market analytics in the user research process are vital to know your own company’s big data and also your competitors user attitude. In Fail Fast we analyse from your sociodemographic relationship and user perception to your customer buying habits.

Quantitative data gives you the necessary information to confirm or disprove elements of your user research. On the other hand, qualitative data goes into detail so that you understand all the implications, behaviors and user needs.

At Fail Fast we complement both analysis. The quantitative analysis situates your decision foundations and combat the era of infoxication and big data. But if it is not complemented by qualitative analysis, you lose the opportunity to make sense of that data. Because you won’t have complemented them with people’s reality.

And how do we complement them? The qualitative analysis is a good starting point to discover new problems and opportunities. Quantitative data is useful to measure and understand the opportunity detected.