Improve the timings of your remote meetings

Improve the timings of your remote meetings

5 remote meeting best practices from us to you

These days, due to confinement, we’re forced to have every meeting online. We want to make our contribution to improve this days of confinement by easing the conduct of meetings. These are 5 remote meeting best practices from us to you:

1. Involve everyone

Whatever type of meeting it is you’re in, it is always important to give voice to each of the participants. That’s why the first one of this best practices for online meetings is to involve and make sure everyone gets to share their ideas and comments.

2. Keep it fresh and light

A remote meeting or a face-to-face meeting don’t have to be long and dull. We believe the best ideas come when meetings are light and dynamic.

3. Be concise

As we mentioned before, so that each person has their opportunity to participate and so that the meeting does not last long, it is important to be concise and as accurate as you can.

 4. Be punctual

When it comes to meetings, punctuality is key. Make sure that you and everyone are on time to start the meeting in a fresh way. As important as it is to be punctual at the beginning of the meeting, it is also important to be punctual with meeting the times

5. Same mindset

In order for the meeting to be agile and productive, all its participants must have the same mindset. If not, the meeting won’t be as fresh and light as it should be.

Now you can carry out all these best practices with just one app: the! The first app created by Fail Fast, it is a free online timer to keep your daily meetings streamlined and a fun team-building tool to manage remote meetings and Scrum rituals.

Long before this exceptional situation of confinement occurred, we wanted to create an online timer for remote meetings since we are very used to working remotely. Our UX Lead Marc Morera came up with the idea of the Daily Toast along with other team members when doing some crazy eights. We wanted to create a different online timer, one that was fun and that helped teams that are working remotely.We didn’t want just numbers to appear on the timer, we wanted it to have storytelling and also characters. Keep reading to discover how it turned out.

Control your stand-up meetings with Daily Toast

Using Daily Toast, you’ll be able to manage stand-up meetings and it will also help participants learn and improve meeting after meeting. How does it work? 

Step 1. The first thing to do is to choose the duration of each person’s participation. It can be as much as you want, for example, 1 minute per participant. We recommend that daily meetings last a maximum of 15 minutes. 

Step 2. Once the first participant starts, the countdown is activated. Let’s start the daily!

Step 3. When everyone has participated and the timer ends, the result of the meeting is displayed: the total time spent on the meeting and the performance of each participant. 

Depending on how long each person has taken, the Daily Toast app will show the performance of every person in the form of a toast: 

Raw toast: The participant spent less of the amount of time allotted.

Nailed toast: The participant spent the exact amount of time allotted.

Burned toast: The participant spent more of the amount of time allotted.

Improve your remote meetings

This way, the app helps you control your remote meetings and also improve them by showing a resume. So during this confinement do something different, try something new and give Daily Toast a go.

We’re sure your meetings and the way you work will change radically.