The Poke Blinders share their secret recipes

The Poke Blinders share their secret recipes

What is a Poke Bowl? 🤔

“A poke-what?”, you might be asking yourself. Poke (pronounced poh-kay) means ‘to cut’ in Hawaiian and refers to square pieces of marinated raw fish which is then placed on rice and supplemented with vegetables and sauces. We could say that poke is a healthy alternative to fast food. It’s believed that poke was first prepared by native Polynesians centuries before Western travelers arrived on the islands.

You can create many types of poke bowls: big ones, little ones, with fish, with meat, veggies, with rice, with quinoa… Poke bowls have come to stay and to solve your life in these days of quarantine. If you like being creative like us and you like to design, dare to unleash your creativity and design your own poke bowl.

At Fail Fast we are huge fans of poke bowls, that’s why we created Poke Blinders. Poke Blinders is made up of 4 experienced designers from our (for now) remote agency. Every week one of them cooks a poke bowl for the others. It may seem like some elbow grease, but the truth is that when you have already cooked the bowls, then you spend 3 weeks eating for free and without worrying about food. Follow them on Instagram, their challenge is to get to do 100 different poke bowls. So far they’ve cooked 59! As they always say… Stay tuna! 🐟

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🦐 Shrimply the best bowl

If you love crunchy food, this crunchy shrimp poke bowl recipe is just for you. The ingredients for this bowl are easy to find these days of confinement and easy to cook too. You’ll need to cook the shrimps until they are golden brown, make the sauce with mayo and honey and cook the base and complements of the bowl.

For those of you who are working remotely and are down to try poke bowl, this is a good option to start your poke-making journey. Also, this poke bowl is a great option for those little ones who are not many fans of fish- they’ll love breaded shrimp!


🌱 Sofishticated Vegan Tuna Bowl

If these days of confinement have made you want to try and start cooking vegetarian meals, we recommend trying this poke bowl, it is one of our favorite vegan poke bowl recipes. Let’s dive right into it!

This recipe recreates the taste and texture of the tuna-based original Hawaiian poke bowls. You might be wondering: how do I make vegan tuna? We’ve got you covered! Grab some carrots, peel them and chop them into cubes and add them to a pot with water and konbu along with the sake and soy sauce. Cooking them like that will make them be soft and acquire a color similar to the red of the tuna.

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🥟 Never let you gyoza

Bet you’ve never heard of a poke bowl with gyozas in it, such a cool combo don’t you think? We do! To make this poke bowl you’ll only need 5 gyozas (with meat, fish or vegetables, it’s up to you), brown rice, some vegetables and, of course, an avocado.

You’ll have to start by pan-cooking the gyozas, then arrange the cooked rice, the vegetables and the avocado in a bowl. You can add a little ginger for a final unique and original touch. The crispness of the gyozas will make this an unforgettably tasty poke.


🍉 One in a melon poke bowl

Yes, there are also fruit poke bowls and this one in a melon poke bowl will make working from home sweet. At Fail Fast, we love watermelon, mostly in summer, and we love this poke bowl too.

To make this poke bowl, we’ll swap the original raw fish for the hydrating summer fruit. The next time you go to the supermarket don’t forget to buy the ingredients to make this poke bowl: half watermelon, scallion, poke dressing, sushi rice, avocado, nori sheets, and sesame seeds. When at home, cut the watermelon into little cubes, cook the rice and then store it in the fridge. Before devouring it, add 1 nori sheet and some sesame seeds for a crunchy and healthy experience.

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A poke bowl is a very versatile meal to do, you can try the ones we listed above or create your own. Share your Poke Blinders-inspired poke bowls with us on Twitter and Instagram! Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag #pokeblinders.