Celebrating 5 years of Fail Fast with a new branding and website



Celebrating 5 years of Fail Fast with a new branding and website

March 21st is now marked as a significant day on Fail Fast’s calendar as we gathered to celebrate our 5th anniversary in a really special way.

Surrounded by a mix of our multidisciplinary team, former colleagues, and clients who have trusted us during these 5 years, we had a big celebration at Casa Bonay, a prestigious, modern space in the center of Barcelona. Together, we embarked on an evening of reflection, celebration, and anticipation for the big things upcoming as we toasted to five years of growth, milestones, and the amazing culture that defines us.

Fail Fast Team


Of course, this was the perfect occasion to present the new branding and website that we had been working on for the past year.

At Fail Fast, we're experiencing an exciting moment of transformation. Our visual identity is evolving to reflect our current essence, and the concept guiding us is colorful. This idea transcends mere inclusion of vibrant colors: it represents our celebration of diversity, creativity, and innovation, as well as the energy and passion our team puts into everything we do. Our three fundamental pillars are 3D, Colors, and Typography. Let’s explore them!

  • 3D: We believe that the challenge of 3D no longer lies in hyperrealism but we are going through an evolution towards abstraction. From there, the idea was to create something fluid and abstract. Something that was not geometric, without a defined shape, without a name... For us, it symbolizes the era we live in, an era of constant acceleration and change.
  • Color palette: Since our new commitment and mantra revolved around this colorful concept, we finally opted for a new and vibrant color palette that does not have one color, but 7 primary colors.
  • Typography: The Neue Machina typeface was chosen to perfectly embody our philosophy of innovation and adaptability, providing the rational counterpoint necessary to complement colorful.

These elements are not just design tools but living expressions of our culture. Every color, every letter, and every shape convey the values of Fail Fast, a community of diverse, enthusiastic, and above all, creative people.


As we all know, a great studio doesn't function without a great team, and we aim to foster a dynamic community of diverse voices and perspectives.

That’s why, over the past year, we've redefined our way of working following our three values:

  • Stay Curious: The digital age demands that we stay updated. Through training, we expand our expertise and share knowledge among junior team members, staying informed about everything going on in each discipline to foster growth.
  • Navigate Uncertainty: Living in a world of constant change, it’s essential to learn how to embrace it, learn from our mistakes, and prioritize to add maximum value.
  • Enjoy the Team: Our team is our strongest value, and that’s why empathy is a must at Fail Fast.

As we enter this new era and look back on this incredible journey that has taken us where we are today and made it possible to celebrate our first 5 years, we want to thank every single person who joined us in our fifth-anniversary party and launch of our new branding and website. Let's continue writing Fail Fast's story together!

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