Meet the most Famous UX Interactions



Meet the most Famous UX Interactions

A small gesture for the user, a big step for the experience.

UX interactions define our life. A swipe to decide if you are interested in a person. One tap to go on vacation. A switch to mute notifications.

All day scrolling through others’ lives. Until one day you do a spread because you are too old to read some font sizes. Aimlessly lost panning on a digital map full of places we will never visit.

“Drag & drop” as a metaphor for today’s society. Swipe right, I love you. Swipe left, I hate you. UX gestures define where we go, what we buy, who we are with. They were famous in the shadows until today. We present the famous interactions, have fun!

Do a “Diana Scroll” down to discover all of  the most Famous UX Interactions👇

Tap Spencer

When you briefly touch a surface with your fingertip, you’re tapping. With this one gesture you can pay for something, send a message, open a smartphone’s screen and much more.

Tapping is one of the simplest UX gestures and one of the most used ones as it allows you to make a quick action without pressing a button, just with a gentle tap.

Diana Scroll

To move text or graphics up or down or across a display screen is called “scroll”. Who hasn’t gone to check their Instagram notifications and has ended up scrolling for one long hour (we’re not looking at anybody)?

Scrolling through apps, photos and content has become key in our lives due to the fact that it makes apps very content-focused and gives the user more delight.

Patrick Swipe

When you “swipe”, it means you do a sideways movement. It’s a simple and quick gesture that allows users to go through so much content in little time.

Tinder is THE app that gave meaning to the swipe-left (and right ;)) interaction . By using a gesture rather than a button, Tinder allows users to complete the action more efficiently and introduce a gamification layer. Addictive huh?

Taylor Switch

When you switch, you shift from one option to another. The “Switch” gesture is often used when setting up our phone’s configuration and notifications. For example, one of the most famous “switches” is from light mode to dark mode or from allowing notifications to denying them.

Drag Pitt

Moving a fingertip over a surface without losing contact is known as “dragging”.

Dragging and dropping is an easy and quick gesture that allows the user to organize their PC or their phone, for example. Wanna switch and app for another, just drag and drop!

Spread Sheeran

When you touch a surface with two fingers and move them apart, you’re using the “spread” interaction.

If you want to look closely at a photo or text, you just put two fingers on the screen and pull them apart. Apple’s iPhone introduced us to this gesture in their Photos and Safari apps, but now almost all apps do it.

David Pinch

Touching a surface with two fingers and bringing them close together is called “pinching”.

One of the apps where users “pinch” the most is Photoshop. Pinching allows one to take a look at a design from afar and have a complete vision of it. Once the user memorizes it, it can improve the user experience.

Pan Affleck

“To pan” is the action of moving one or more fingers around the screen or dragging something and can be an alternative to scrolling.

When you’re lost and desperately open Google Maps and pan everywhere to find where you can go. Panning is an easy and quick way to find your way back home.

Panning is also for curious minds. For those who want to explore what’s outside their screen, for those who want to see everything on the screen.

Nicholas Shake

When you shake our phone, you make quick short movements. With these simple movements, you can erase a message, dismiss something and much more just in seconds.

Smartphones have long been using the “shake” gesture, although it is not the most used one. Why? It requires an action with much more movement than others.

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