The soundtrack of your confinement



The soundtrack of your confinement

As experience designers, we want you to have the best confinement possible

It is everyone’s responsibility to stay at home, but so many locked days can despair even the most patient. What if we can help you cope with this strange situation?

UX design improves product experiences while always considering the context and necessities of the user. As user experience designers, we quickly adapted to COVID-19 with the goal of making your quarantine a more positive and happy experience.

This 56 song playlist was born from a Design Thinking Process between the music lovers of Fail Fast team. We present you the original soundtrack of your confinement, a mixtape that will help you live a different kind of isolation.

Sgt. Pepper : With a little help from my friends

Music will make you happy, music will make you stay at home

This playlist includes songs that touch our feelings, like “With a little help of my friends” by The Beatles. They talk about taking care of people we love, people we haven’t seen for weeks due to quarantine. Although it means love, it also means homesickness like says the song “Si tu vois ma mère” by Sidney Bechet, or songs of hope like “Alright” by Kendrick Lamar.

This soundtrack also talks about fighting the virus, like in the song “Fever” by Peggy Lee. Moreover, we have added some songs whose lyrics could have a new meaning due to the current situation about coronavirus, like “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” by The Police.

And of course, songs to relax while you are cooking or reading, like for example “Peace Piece” by Bill Evans, or just to turn up the volume and dance like there’s no tomorrow, like for example “Macaulay Culkin” by Ladilla Rusa.

Our original soundtrack will accompany you while you disconnect, enjoy, laugh, miss, cry, and appreciate the little things. But above all, this soundtrack will accompany you while you stay at home. Let’s listen to music!


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