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Automotive Concept Design
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In-car Experience Design

Our experts excel in understanding the limitations and technologies of vehicles, leading to the creation of innovative and unique experiences.

Out-car Experience Design

Design of global experiences where the vehicle and its surroundings interact seamlessly.

HMI Prototyping

We create and develop vehicle-connected prototypes for both user testing and showroom displays.

HMI User Testing

We conduct both usability tests and assessments to enhance the user experience.

HMI Specifications

Creation of technical specifications for developers to turn conceptual ideas into reality.

HMI Motion graphics

Our experts bring concepts to life through micro-animations, transitions, and 3D animations.

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What does HMI Design mean, and why is it important in automotive applications?

HMI Design, or Human-Machine Interface Design, refers to creating digital interfaces facilitating effective interaction between humans and technology. In the automotive context, it focuses on enhancing the user experience in integrated vehicle systems.

How does your multidisciplinary team approach HMI design for automotive applications?

Our multidisciplinary team combines skills in graphic design, software engineering, and user experience to create intuitive and efficient HMI interfaces. This comprehensive approach ensures user-centered and effective solutions.

What role does design play in HMI for vehicles?

Design in vehicle HMI focuses on visual aesthetics, usability, and accessibility of interfaces. We aim to balance functionality with attractive design to enhance the user experience in driving.

How do you incorporate new technologies into HMI Design for automotive applications?

We continually update our design practices to integrate the latest technologies. This includes implementing touchscreens, voice recognition, augmented reality, among others, to enhance connectivity and ease of use.

How do you ensure compliance with regulations in HMI Design for automotive applications?

Our team stays informed about relevant regulations in interface design for vehicles. We ensure compliance with standards and regulations to provide safe solutions in accordance with current norms.

Do you offer prototyping services in HMI Design?

Yes, we provide prototyping services to enable our clients to visualize and test HMI design concepts before final implementation. This facilitates the identification of potential improvements and adjustments.

How is the aspect of motion addressed in HMI design for automotive applications?

Addressing the motion aspect in HMI design involves integrating smooth transitions and animations. We aim to create visual interactions that enhance user understanding and provide a more enjoyable driving experience.

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