Fail Fast and Figma join forces to discuss creative freedom in Design Systems



Fail Fast and Figma join forces to discuss creative freedom in Design Systems

Fail Fast, as one of the exclusive partners of Figma in Europe, brings together the top leaders of Barcelona for a roundtable discussion on Design Systems from a creative perspective.

Design Leaders Dinner by Fail Fast and Figma

With over 70 invited guests and real-life experiences from experts, this roundtable discussion delves into their insights and learnings on balancing efficiency and creativity in digital projects. In this event, we will explore how leaders in design and team management tackle challenges to attain focus and balance, and uncover how these experiences drive innovation, paving the way for success in their projects.

In line with Fail Fast's participation in the OFFF Festival, and with a focus more on creativity than digital aspects, we set aside the challenges of business, technology, and scalability to shift the focus to the creative world for this exclusive event that will take place at the large, beautifully designed “La Cava” space of the Hoxton Hotel on April 4th.

Get to know the panelists

Moderated by Ian Gehlhaar, Founder & Experience Design Director at Fail Fast, alongside Hugo Raymond, Designer Advocate at Figma, our panel will feature:

  • Elisabeth Martinez, Product Designer and Design Ops at Adevinta: an influential voice recognized for her frequent participation in Product Design and DesignOps events. Her focus is on collaboration between designers and developers, highlighting processes and tools to achieve an effective balance and maximize talent, contributing to the success of digital products.
  • Rosario Romano, Global Senior Digital Product Designer at Nestlé Nespresso: a professional with more than 15 years of experience with international teams and clients. He stands out for his ability to create visions and visual products through abstract visions combined with an analytical and rational attitude to process management.
  • Patricia Gómez Jurado, Content Design Director at King: led and completed the onboarding and rollout of Figma as the official design tool for all King games. Responsible for driving the execution of talent and content design craft strategies, including recruitment and team development, craft OKRs, and writing guidelines in Candy Crush Saga. Driving design operations initiatives to improve tooling and processes.
  • Nicolas Chometowski, Director of Product Design at TravelPerk: with over 15 years working in the Product Design industry, an expert on merging design and business, transforming users’ problems and needs into usable, intuitive, and user-centered experiences. For the past years, he’s mastered building high-performance teams in dynamic, competitive environments.

Watch the 'Creative Freedom & Design Systems' roundtable on streaming

While this is an invitation-only event with limited capacity, there will be a recording of the panel discussion and a Q&A session with the panelists, which will later be streamed and hosted on for everyone to see. Stay tuned for more information on how to tune in to the online stream and follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn so you don’t miss out on our upcoming events!

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