The Offline Mixtape: 30 Songs to Disconnect



Music makes disconnecting from the digital world easier

Music makes disconnecting from the digital world easier

At Fail Fast, we are also music curators, and we have created a special Offline Dystopia playlist on Spotify to support your disconnection.

This list of 30 tracks is the selection of almost 300 songs that the Fail Fast team initially proposed. In the Offline Dystopia playlist, you will find the selection of songs that will transport you to unknown places. Instruments, rhythms, electronic bases, and sounds of different origins. This list is not just to relax. It goes beyond. To reach a new world. We have created the Offline Dystopia list to help you rethink your relationship with technology.

Do not listen to the Offline Dystopia playlist while scrolling your Instagram feed or answering your five unread WhatsApp messages. This playlist is intended only for one purpose: to listen to it without any distractions. We recommend that you download the Spotify playlist and listen to it offline.