The Poke Blinders share their secret recipes



The Poke Blinders share their secret recipes

What is a Poke Bowl? 🤔

“A poke-what?”, you might be asking yourself. Poke (pronounced poh-kay) means ‘to cut’ in Hawaiian and refers to square pieces of marinated raw fish which is then placed on rice and supplemented with vegetables and sauces. We could say that poke is a healthy alternative to fast food. It’s believed that poke was first prepared by native Polynesians centuries before Western travelers arrived on the islands.

You can create many types of poke bowls: big ones, little ones, with fish, with meat, veggies, with rice, with quinoa… Poke bowls have come to stay and to solve your life in these days of quarantine. If you like being creative like us and you like to design, dare to unleash your creativity and design your own poke bowl.

At Fail Fast we are huge fans of poke bowls, that’s why we created Poke Blinders. Poke Blinders is made up of 4 experienced designers from our (for now) remote agency. Every week one of them cooks a poke bowl for the others. It may seem like some elbow grease, but the truth is that when you have already cooked the bowls, then you spend 3 weeks eating for free and without worrying about food. Follow them on Instagram, their challenge is to get to do 100 different poke bowls. So far they’ve cooked 59! As they always say… Stay tuna! 🐟

Poke Blinders

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