The need for the disconnect to connect again

Back home from office should be the moment to organize ideas, but it’s more important to update yourself on Twitter. Or maybe think how nice it is to chill alone at home while chatting on WhatsApp. Or maybe watch a great movie with your Crush. Are you familiar with these situations? 

Bored is a non-commercial project created by Fail Fast team. It is the only game whose objective is boredom. Do you know why? Because if you don’t get bored, it is impossible to want to do new things!

The Bored app just can be downloaded by the QR located in the dented can that we send to the user’s home. Why a dented can? Because it is the maximum representation of boredom. With this application, the user can activate the Bored Mode in his mobile with the goal that nothing distracts you. In this way, the user can disconnect from the day-to-day inputs and gain mental space for new ideas.


Fail Fast


Design Thinking
Product Design


iOS App


November 2018