5 Amazing Movies to Explore Your Primal Side

5 Amazing Movies to Explore Your Primal Side

Disconnect from everything, sit in silent and enjoy

We are surrounded by distractions and constant interruptions. No matter how hard you pay attention, there are hundreds of messages to be read, thousands of episodes to watch, and millions of miles to scroll.

Here are five films to reconnect with your primal side. These characters will give you a glimpse of total disconnection from society. Some characters are embarking on their journey away from civilization, while others make the return trip. We avoided putting films that you probably already know and we invite the viewer to immerse themselves in an author’s cinema, for a more intimate and somewhat crude experience. This is 100% introspective cinema where we will see how wild innocence is corrupted by a Cartesian society and Charlie Kaufman portrays how education acts as an inhibitor of our wildest impulses.

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Human Nature

Directed by: Michel Gondry
Written by: Charlie Kaufman
Release date: 2001

A scientist and a naturalist discover a man who has been born and raised in the wild. While the former tries to educate him, the latter struggles to preserve the simian instincts of man since she believes they represent freedom. 

If we would have lived all our lives in a disconnected way to everything we know, it would happen two things. On the one hand, we wouldn’t miss anything because we wouldn’t know other life. So, we would be happy. And on the other hand, we would be a completely different people than we are now. How would it be your offline dystopia me?

Alaska could be a good option for an Offline Dystopia

Kings of Summer

Directed by: Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Written by: Chris Galletta
Release date: 2013

Fed up with the overprotective parents, three young friends leave their homes on a quest to create a new society in the wild free of adults. The one rule is to seek the disconnection of what they already know, including new technologies.

Nowadays you are all the time with the laptop or with the mobile, searching for a free wifi connexion. Do you think you would be strong enough to go offline? Of course, it would be hard, but also it would be the one way to change your life and discover new things to keep growing up. 


Into the Wild

Directed by: Sean Penn
Written by: Sean Penn
Release date: 2007

The young and idealist Christopher McCandless adopts the name of Alexander Supertramp, forgoes his possessions and his savings to charity, and leaves the civilized world bound for wild Alaska to get in touch with nature.

No people, no amenities, and no technologies. A complete isolation from the civilized world. Moreover in Alaska, the state of the USA separated from the rest of the states for the big lands of Canada. This is the real representation of Offline Dystopia. It seems a difficult path, but the only one that will allow us to achieve mental peace.

Offline Dystopia or the same as the rest of the people?


Directed by: Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Written by: Chris Galletta
Release date: 2013

Although he has spent most of his life in a plastic bubble and under the supervision of his overprotective mother, Jimmy Livingston never thought he was losing anything until his childhood love leaves to marry another man.

Offline Dystopia could be mean isolation from the people you love too. Without the Internet, we couldn’t be in touch with family or friends that live far away. Would you be able to do that? Maybe not, and like the main character of this movie, you would have to reconnect with the world in search of true love. 


Captain Fantastic

Directed by: Matt Ross
Written by: Matt Ross
Release date: 2016

Ben is a man who has spent ten years living in the remote forests of Northwestern United States while raising his six children. But tragic news causes the family to temporarily leave their way of life in nature and return to civilization.

Offline Dystopia doesn’t mean ignorance, just another way to front the life. For example, the family of this story has a particular way of thinking which makes them different but also smart. But the problem with the lifestyle is when you don’t follow what the rest of the people do. Nowadays, it seems impossible to grown-up isolated from modern life and the consumer society.

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