We spend 20 percent of the day looking at a screen

In the last 15 years, we have gone from talking 20 minutes to being connected 5 hours a day. Mobiles have become another prosthesis of our body, a second brain that makes our lives easier. The future of people is linked to Internet connections.

Our digital interactions determine the relationship we have with our physical environment. They help us maintain contact with relatives abroad, allow us to look for work in other countries, or give us the possibility to empathize with other cultures. That is why the United Nations classifies accessibility as a human right, meaning everyone has an equal right to access and use a secure and open Internet.

But what happens when you’re out to dinner with friends yet everyone is in their own digital world?? At Fail Fast, we believe that everyone has the right to recover human connection through offline disconnection.

A physical experience that questions individual privacy in the digital age

We understand design as a way to rethink the future, because only by imagining possible futures can we project better presents. We look for new horizons and question what will come. How do I want to live my future? How many days of my life do I want to spend connected? How do I want my relationships to be? These questions and many more are the ones we ask with HzERO.

HzERO is the first Fail Fast product that disables all devices that use radiofrequency five meters around, creating a temporary disconnection oasis. It isn’t an object, but a physical manifesto that invites reflection on the relationship between technology and humanity. HzERO claims our living space by creating a small bubble that isolates from the hyperconnection to which we are immersed.

And HzERO can not only isolate you from the digital world, but also question your relationship with data. Can you imagine being invisible in the eyes of Facebook? Or not contribute your human intelligence to artificial machines? This is HzERO.

The digital diet begins with physical contact

Disconnection has become a luxury in the hands of very few people. With HzERO we make the user interact with an object as basic as a stone, the shape it was inspired by. It manages to adapt to its environment in an organic way. In addition, thanks to its lights that simulate a breath, the artifact is humanized allowing the user to return to the most fundamental experiences: sensations.

But how to prove its effectiveness? Take advantage of the new digital manufacturing processes, HzERO allows us to experience and push our convictions as experts in technology, our philosophy to the profession and the limits of digital manufacturing. 3D printing takes Fast Prototyping to its maximum expression, turning ideas into real experiences in a fast, simple and cost-effective way to test and refine an almost “impossible” concept.

With HzERO we have designed a real product in a very short amount of time in order to test it as quickly as possible and confirm our starting point for a new vision with a clear social mission.

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