Conclusions of how COVID-19 changed the UX of apps

Conclusions of how COVID-19 changed the UX of apps

UX writing improvements to survive to COVID-19

We have analyzed different types of apps: delivery apps, urban mobility apps, and other kind of apps. So, we realized that the main strategies to maintain a good user experience are:
– To focus on the user and employee’s security and safety (by giving information and tips to help the user prevent the contagion and spread of COVID19).
– To offer something (cancellations free of charge, free subscriptions, discounts…).

The main medium through which apps send the message is a popup. A popup is an easy way to draw user attention and can be closed easily. Although a popup is the main channel, some apps have also used a banner to deliver their message.

All the apps we analyzed in the previous 3 articles have dealt with this exceptional situation using different types of copywriting. We want to point out that the UX writing of the messages shown has evolved during the last days and some of the brands have created their own hashtags. This means apps and brands are attentive to everything that happens and keep their messages and strategies up to date for a good user experience. When it comes to the tone of voice used in the message, some apps chose to be formal and some chose to be cheerful and write a more emotional copy. Obviously, this is only the surface and behind these screens, there are much more important changes in strategy and service that have been implemented in record time.

Brands have started to develop specific features due to COVID-19

To sum up, a quick and agile reaction was required so companies initially have solved the scenario via content. Also, it’s exciting to see how they quickly have iterated and refined the UX writing day by day. You can feel it is work on progress!

Once the first impact has been overcome, brands have started to go beyond content and start developing specific features. Netflix has launched NetflixParty and Instagram has integrated a specific and fixed story where all the users can share their stories using the hashtag #StayHome.

To complete this analysis, a famous Chinese curse ironically quotes “I hope you have to live in interesting times”. If you have also taken screenshots, we encourage you to post them on Twitter or Instagram, tagg us @failfastdesign and use the hashtag #COVID19UX so we can continue documenting this unusual scenario.

Take care of one another ❤️